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Bay Area Open House

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ribbon cutting

THANK YOU to all who came to the Bay Area Open House!

Particular thanks to the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, whose members organized a wonderful ribbon-cutting and proclamation of September 22 as Literacy Advance Bay Area Day.

Thanks also to our volunteers and students who came out, along with many other friends and supporters.

A Short History of Literacy Advance in the Bay Area

There was a headline in local paper The Exchange News in May 1990 – “Literacy Advance comes to the Bay Area.”

For the last 25 years, Literacy Advance has been serving the residents of the Clear Lake area with literacy classes – small-group English classes for new citizens; one-on-one reading classes for adults wanting to improve their lives. And all led by dedicated volunteer tutors, investing in the growth and happiness of their neighbors, and their local community.

In recent years, new opportunities have been made possible – computer classes; partnerships with the Financial Opportunities Center just down the hall; visits from the Literacy Advance Transition Coach to help students work on next steps into vocational training, new jobs, or further education. This year we also held our first ever Family Literacy Event right here in the Service Center.

So, what’s next?

Growth, we hope! After putting some activities into a holding pattern for most of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, as the Service Center underwent a major renovation, we’re poised for progress and new successes. We’re looking for volunteer tutors, motivated students, and supporters from the Bay Area community to transform more lives than ever before.

Will you join us?

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