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Scrabble in the City 2017

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Are you ready?! Scrabble's just weeks away!


Wednesday, May 3, 2017 
6:30pm - 9pm

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

What? Teams of four square off against all comers in a competition like no other! Start thinking about your team name and costumes, planning your strategy, and working out your score enhancing game plan...

scrabble teamWait! What? REMEMBER: THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHER'S SCRABBLE. Don't expect a standard Scrabble tournament! Round 1 of Scrabble in the City will play (mostly) by the rules, but in Round 2 all bets are off as you buy score enhancers, sweet-talk your judges, and otherwise use all your wits (and other resources...) to help your team come out on top.

How? Interested in sponsoring Scrabble in the City? Want to start a team?
For more information check out the Guide to Tickets & Sponsorships, or go straight to the registration page online

Huge Thanks to our sponsors so far!

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The CKP Group

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Goya Foods

Tile Sponsors

Jane Holston
Sheila Murphy & Mary Claire Cook


AND... want to attend but not play? Consider becoming a Scrabble volunteer.

For more details about Scrabble in the City, please call 713.266.8777 and ask for Carrie Prewitt, Development Coordinator.

PS: Find more pics from last year's competition here!

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