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Student Success Spotlight

November is Family Literacy Month! So what better Student Success Spotlight to choose than one of a mother who's benefiting from English classes?


“I don’t have any relative here. My husband is working, but I don’t know anything about life here. I can’t even imagine anything about life here, or how my daughter can adapt to her education environment here.”

The above is Binh, describing her mindset after moving to the United States from her native Vietnam. There, she'd been an Information Technology professor and had been working on advancing her career, but she put all of that on hold after her move. At least part of that was due to her inability to speak English with any confidence or fluency.

Binh's husband had followed his job to Houston, so in one sense the move was a relief, as it reunited the family when Binh and her daughter also came to Texas. But with one problem solved, a host of others appeared - all centered around literacy and language.

Binh is nothing if not a problem-solver, so it was less than 3 weeks after the move that she took to the internet to find English classes.

“I remember my first class was basic class with 5 or 6 students. We learned grammar and my teacher let us practice speaking and listening. It was very good class for me to begin my life.”

Now that she’s taken classes for 2+ years, what's different?

“I feel I start to adapt to life here. I can take my English class and make new friends who speak English. I can help my daughter in school. Now I feel more confident. I can support my daughter with her study, and can talk to her teacher. It’s very simple thing, and maybe you laugh. I can go to the shopping by myself! I feel happier, not alone anymore.”

It IS a very simple thing, but there's nothing to laugh at. Binh's classes have given her the ability to go about her daily life with confidence. And what more could you ask for than that?!


Your support of literacy is profound. With every donation, you open a new door for someone like Binh - someone who needs some help right now to get on their feet and to travel along the path of language learning. And each parent in English class translates to more effective parent-teacher interviews, more assistance given with work at home - and the greater likelihood of the children in that family never needing literacy services. Just imagine that :)

Please give today and support literacy in Houston!

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