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11.14.2018 -
Two iconic west Houston nonprofits to become one

05.10.2018 -
Literacy Advance receives Dollar General grant

12.21.2017 -
Community Quarterback honors for Literacy Advance volunteer

05.9.2017 -
Houstonia: Locals go head-to-head in Scrabble competition

05.7.2017 -
CultureMap: Scrabble teams go all out for Literacy Advance

10.26.2016 -
Melanie Fisk named Literacy Advance Executive Director

08.22.2016 -
Not just food: Book deserts also characterize poor neighborhoods

08.11.2016 -
How adult learners are not getting 21st century skills

10.20.2015 -
Literacy Advance Bay Area a door of success to many

05.29.2015 -
Literacy Advance supporters compete in Scrabble tournament at brewery

05.27.2015 -
HISD continues pattern of stagnating test scores

05.13.2015 -
Texas Public Schools, Reading Is Fundamental partner to combat summer learning loss

02.2.2015 -
Closing education gap will lift economy, study finds

01.30.2015 -
Literacy Advance holds successful Family Literacy Event at Thornwood Elementary

01.27.2015 -
No shortage of reasons why so many can't read

01.23.2015 -
Pulling people out of poverty with one-on-one help

01.22.2015 -
Bill Gates says the best thing you can do for kids is read with them

01.17.2015 -
Helping the poor in education - the power of a simple nudge

01.15.2015 -
National Readathon set for January 24

01.13.2015 -
Nonprofit fights illiteracy by getting books to kids who need them

01.10.2015 -
Employment is up. Paychecks, not so much

01.8.2015 -
Reading to children of all ages grooms them to read more on their own

12.31.2014 -
Why emotional learning may be as important as the ABCs

02.26.2014 -
Press Release: Reader Cup a huge success!

02.20.2014 -
Too many TX working mothers trapped in low-wage jobs

02.7.2014 -
Press Release: Literacy Advance 'hearts' baseball legend Larry Dierker at Reader Cup

01.26.2014 -
Importance of bedtime stories for children's literacy

11.15.2013 -
A look at Texas' 2013 scores on the Nation's Report Card

11.14.2013 -
Barbara Bush, leading literacy advocate, presents Point of Light award

11.7.2013 -
TX public school students continue to lag behind national average in reading scores

11.5.2013 -
Press Release: Literacy Advance sees Golden Opportunity in 50th Anniversary Year

11.5.2013 -
Getting your child excited about reading and books: Parents should lead by example

11.3.2013 -
Part 4 of 4: Adding up the cost of low literacy among adults

11.2.2013 -
Part 3 of 4: How to turn adult education into careers, quickly

11.1.2013 -
Part 2 of 4: What it takes (and means) to learn English as an adult

10.31.2013 -
Part 1 of 4: Turning the page on illiteracy, adults go back to class

10.20.2013 -
Digital literacy: How soon should kids learn to use touch screens?

10.7.2013 -
A year after being shot by Taliban, education advocate Malala Yousafzai addresses UN

10.6.2013 -
A book is worth more than 1,000 hours of TV

10.5.2013 -
Latest news from Literacy Advance!

10.2.2013 -
The high cost of medical illiteracy

09.23.2013 -
Comcast's Internet Essentials connects nearly 11,000 low-income Houston-area families

09.18.2013 -
Improving literacy would boost our economic outlook

09.15.2013 -
Understanding a child's language and literacy development

09.13.2013 -
Health Literacy could reduce Medicare expenses

09.10.2013 -
Mayor: The Houston public library card, your 'smartest' card

09.8.2013 -
Raising literacy in the community raises us all

09.6.2013 -
International Literacy Day tips and ideas

09.5.2013 -
Embedded literacy and numeracy education upskills prisoners

08.31.2013 -
Dogs take a bite out of Houston's chronic reading problem

08.31.2013 -
Auditor says state vulnerable to school cheating

08.29.2013 -
Texas educators taking new approach to college readiness

08.26.2013 -
Back to School: To promote literacy, make learning to read enjoyable

08.23.2013 -
Facebook's new venture: Spreading literacy, spreading internet

08.20.2013 -
Texas schools join forces in bid to help minority males

08.18.2013 -
Texas program aims to make education fun, get kids 'All In' college

08.18.2013 -
Seeing is thinking, feeling, understanding: let's not neglect visual literacies

08.15.2013 -
Week 1 of School: Selling the value of literacy

08.14.2013 -
Social media: Why the case for teaching digital literacy is so compelling

08.13.2013 -
Study shows Jim Crow-era segregation persists in Texas schools

08.9.2013 -
Literacy program encourages students to read, avoid summer slide

08.7.2013 -
1 in 5 HISD schools falls short in new ratings

08.6.2013 -
Picture books DO boost literacy

08.6.2013 -
Telling stories are the stepping stones to literacy

08.3.2013 -
Houston Food Bank helping promote literacy

07.29.2013 -
The time is now: Moving from financially illiterate to financially literate

07.29.2013 -
L.A. County literacy initiative, 'Freedom School', reaches juvenile offenders

07.26.2013 -
GIA collaborates with Nelson Mandela Foundation on literacy program

07.24.2013 -
'I can't read my high school diploma': Why literacy standards are falling across America

07.21.2013 -
Tips and advice to encourage a love of reading in your child

07.19.2013 -
Ideas for parents: Literacy means reading AND writing

07.18.2013 -
How to promote literacy and skilled communication

07.15.2013 -
3 pre-literacy skills your preschooler needs, and how to make it happen

07.15.2013 -
How Scholastic sells literacy to generations of new readers

07.12.2013 -
Houston non-profit builds libraries in Uganda

07.11.2013 -
US Supreme Court upholds value of diversity in higher education

07.11.2013 -
Perry Veto: TX superintendents disappointed education bill didn't pass

07.11.2013 -
Unravelling literacy myths

07.6.2013 -
Texas students struggle to pass STAAR exams - again and again

07.5.2013 -
Media Literacy in the 21st century

07.1.2013 -
Could you pass the 'literacy' test given to black voters in the 1960s?

06.29.2013 -
Opinion: Leaven financial 'literacy' with wisdom

06.28.2013 -
Opinion: Texas needs higher ed infrastructure to thrive

06.24.2013 -
Test scores highlight ineffective Texas school funding

06.24.2013 -
Texas among worst 10 states to be a kid

06.19.2013 -
New high school graduation requirements passed in Texas

06.18.2013 -
School's out in Houston, and Creative Writing Camp is in session

06.17.2013 -
Literacy 2.0: A digital gap between kids and parents

06.16.2013 -
Tragedy of child brides impacts literacy, among much more

06.15.2013 -
Dad, redesigned: Family literacy program a path to better parenting

06.13.2013 -
View from India: Literacy has greater impact on public health than increasing average income

06.11.2013 -
Low 'digital literacy' still holding some consumers back from a life online

06.10.2013 -
Governor Perry signs high school curriculum, testing bill

06.9.2013 -
To improve child literacy, teach the adults

06.6.2013 -
Girl Rising: Sisters go to school instead of the dump

06.6.2013 -
Silicon Valley's immigrant janitors learning English at work

06.5.2013 -
Letter: Texas public education system needs repairs to get on track

06.5.2013 -
Hutchison says governments should invest in higher education

06.4.2013 -
America's grade for Financial Literacy: F

05.31.2013 -
Save the Children Report: Malnutrition linked to low literacy

05.31.2013 -
Five ways to improve literacy learning (that work better than high-stakes tests)

05.25.2013 -
Texas Senate OKs budget with increases to education, mental health services

05.24.2013 -
Opinion: Texas Education Bill would help immigrant English learners

05.23.2013 -
Houston population growth shows no sign of waning

05.23.2013 -
SMS-based literacy program: Education may be just a text message away

05.23.2013 -
Financial Literacy myth debunked: Women CAN manage their money

05.21.2013 -
Literacy Advance tutor Larry Dierker back in the fold with the Astros

05.21.2013 -
Health literature is too complex for most patients to grasp, study shows

05.19.2013 -
Popular movies with same-language subtitles can help children improve literacy

05.18.2013 -
Opinion: Getting it right for Texas students, employers

05.17.2013 -
Weak financial literacy scores threaten a global education movement

05.16.2013 -
Beating illiteracy: Houston agencies address the problem

05.16.2013 -
Children who read on iPads or Kindles have weaker literacy skills and are less likely to enjoy it as a pastime, charity warns

05.13.2013 -
Poverty as disease: 'Poverty damages children's dispositions and blunts their brains'

05.10.2013 -
Obama to Texas students: 'We're poised for progress'

05.10.2013 -
Putting literacy at the head of the line

05.3.2013 -
Students can't resist multi-tasking, and it's impairing their memory

05.3.2013 -
Explosive growth of Hispanics in Texas brings dramatic changes to schools

05.1.2013 -
Can making data beautiful engage patients and boost health literacy?

04.29.2013 -
Digital literacy and the Boston bombings

04.29.2013 -
Costly demolition, rebuild likely for West intermediate, high schools

04.24.2013 -
Newly-formed Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation reveals plans to tackle low literacy in Houston

04.24.2013 -
US News and World Report: Six Houston high schools among top 100 in US

04.21.2013 -
Barbara Bush reveals an unexpected marital woe in a $2.1 million night for reading: Can't contain the sock man

04.21.2013 -
Opinion: Don't lower Texas educational standards

04.20.2013 -
Seeking to pare standardized tests, legislators take aim at testing firm

04.19.2013 -
Opinion: Educational reform in Texas calls for different solutions

04.17.2013 -
View from Asia: Educating a girl can save the world

04.16.2013 -
Schools demanding News Literacy lessons to teach students how to find fact amid fiction

04.15.2013 -
Opinion: Investing in science, math and engineering education is good business

04.15.2013 -
Conversation: Texas education policy and the politics of the Latino majority

04.12.2013 -
View from Tanzania: Books as tools for promoting literacy, status of women

04.10.2013 -
Financial Literacy Month: Don't forget your kids!

04.10.2013 -
Texas considers backtracking on testing

04.8.2013 -
Khan Academy tackles financial literacy online

04.8.2013 -
Barbara Bush Foundation goes national with launch of 'Love, Read, Learn' baby journal in Michigan

04.8.2013 -
View from India: Financial literacy best way to empower women

04.4.2013 -
7 questions to test your financial literacy

04.2.2013 -
New study shows US middle-class students badly lagging their peers globally

04.1.2013 -
Texas Education Agency rules to close North Forest ISD and merge into Houston ISD

03.29.2013 -
Texas education experts weigh proposals' impact on students

03.28.2013 -
Bush, Kennedy join effort to promote literacy through new awards program

03.27.2013 -
Opinion: Houston's workforce not ready for the future

03.27.2013 -
Mayor Annise Parker kicks off Lemonade Day Houston, focusing on financial literacy

03.26.2013 -
Texas House OKs education overhaul

03.24.2013 -
World events suggest need for scientific literacy

03.22.2013 -
Ways to develop your child's financial literacy

03.21.2013 -
Truth Citizens: Media literacy in the digital age

03.21.2013 -
Texas special education programs steel themselves as cuts loom

03.20.2013 -
Sesame Street announces new partnership to support literacy

03.19.2013 -
Partnering for Success! Literacy Advance ESL classes at Clemente Martinez Elementary School go from strength to strength

03.16.2013 -
Opinion: Texas should go local when it comes to education

03.14.2013 -
Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy announces 'Devotedly, Dad' letter writing contest

03.12.2013 -
Congress may divert financial literacy funding to school security

03.11.2013 -
Podcast: Melanie Fisk and Larry Dierker interviewed on The 950 AM

03.11.2013 -
Opinion: Why financial literacy fails

03.11.2013 -
San Antonio launching Financial Empowerment Centers

03.7.2013 -
Elementary school principal's $12,018 stunt for literacy

03.6.2013 -
Using audiobooks to boost your child's literacy

03.5.2013 -
'Drink for Literacy' all month long at Houston's OKRA Charity Saloon

03.2.2013 -
Health Literacy: 7 tips to better understand your doctor

03.2.2013 -
Little libraries build literacy and community

03.1.2013 -
Texas seeks waiver from 'No Child Left Behind' law

03.1.2013 -
Earlier is better when it comes to financial literacy

03.1.2013 -
Average child watches 5,000 hours of TV before entering kindergarten

02.28.2013 -
Press Release: Literacy Advance of Houston scores 'hole-in-one' with successful Reader Cup

02.23.2013 -
At Capitol education rally, tough words for legislature

02.22.2013 -
Reader Cup - Larry Dierker Celebrity Golf Tournament in the Houston Chron

02.20.2013 -
Fastest way to conservation is increasing literacy

02.19.2013 -
Latino coalition pushing for Texas education equality

02.18.2013 -
Starting new businesses behind bars creates incentive for Texas inmates

02.17.2013 -
Texas Coalition wants more high-school focus on training for advanced jobs

02.15.2013 -
View from Afghanistan: Literacy advocate empowers young storytellers

02.14.2013 -
View from Russia: Digital literacy courses help Russian village people gain self-esteem and respect

02.14.2013 -
Texas Education: House might restore some education budget cuts

02.12.2013 -
Texas cities fare poorly in measure of literacy

02.12.2013 -
Texas education chief weighs in on testing debate

02.12.2013 -
Opinion: The myth of Texas school funding

02.11.2013 -
Poor health literacy among Latinos linked to increase in antimicrobial resistance

02.11.2013 -
Mathematical Literacy: A necessary skill for the 21st century

02.10.2013 -
Opinion: More money or better schools for Texas?

02.8.2013 -
Former First Lady Barbara Bush answers literacy questions from virtual audience of over 64,000 children

02.8.2013 -
Texas announces sweeping changes to controversial CSCOPE education program

02.4.2013 -
Texas school financing system ruled unconstitutional

02.4.2013 -
Gates Foundation announces $6 million competition for literacy learning technologies

02.4.2013 -
Parental misconceptions about antibiotics linked to poor health literacy levels in Latino population

02.3.2013 -
Texas fight highlights higher education culture clash

02.1.2013 -
NFL stars promote financial literacy for youth

02.1.2013 -
What's more important: Science literacy or news literacy?

01.30.2013 -
Opinion: Reform in Texas Education: Why we so desperately need it

01.29.2013 -
Texas kids chalk up mixed results on test; generally best results on reading

01.28.2013 -
Opinion: The metric system, the United States of America, and scientific literacy

01.27.2013 -
Texas' high child poverty rate beginning to lead to higher education costs

01.27.2013 -
Newark detective preaches literacy in new anti-gang program

01.25.2013 -
FORE! Larry Dierker and other celebs gather for the 7th annual Reader Cup golf event to benefit Literacy Advance of Houston

01.24.2013 -
Shall I encode thee in DNA? Sonnets stored on double helix

01.24.2013 -
What is literacy? The first three National Ambassadors for Young People's Literature answer

01.23.2013 -
Raising a new generation of readers

01.21.2013 -
Has cursive been written off?

01.18.2013 -
Who's the best speller of them all? Houston Center for Literacy Grown Up Spelling Bee defies convention, brings hot competition

01.15.2013 -
A new chapter? San Antonio launches bookless library

01.13.2013 -
Low literacy skills disproportionately hurt women

01.12.2013 -
Supersizing literacy? UK McDonalds swapping Happy Meal toys for books

01.6.2013 -
As Egypt struggles with 27% illiteracy rate, National Women's Council puts literacy on agenda

01.4.2013 -
Schoolgirl shot by Taliban well enough to leave hospital

01.3.2013 -
A Woman's Journey: Helping bring literacy to Tanzanian children

12.26.2012 -
Little Free Libraries promote literacy and community

12.20.2012 -
Literacy Advance announced as winner of national mission statement competition

12.19.2012 -
How to promote literacy skills in the digital age

12.19.2012 -
Picture Perfect: Teaching to visual literacy

12.14.2012 -
Information Literacy in the Workplace: Novice engineers can't leave learning in the dorm room

12.13.2012 -
Reading to dogs boosts pupils' confidence, literacy

12.13.2012 -
The more you know: Health literacy is vital for patient health

12.13.2012 -
Texas takes another top business honor, but national mag wonders if the focus makes education suffer

12.12.2012 -
View from England: How do you boost literacy in your school?

12.12.2012 -
Oprah's book club turns over new page

12.12.2012 -
Energy Literacy: A photo gallery

12.11.2012 -
Reports assess global student achievement in math, science and reading literacy

12.10.2012 -
Opinion: Coding is 21st century literacy

12.8.2012 -
Dolly Parton: Singer, actress, literacy promoter

12.7.2012 -
Yamaguchi's foundation launches 'Always Reading' early childhood literacy program

12.5.2012 -
Punishable by death: The quest for literacy

12.5.2012 -
Houston-area college degrees slowly rise

12.5.2012 -
View from Mozambique: First Lady urges men to attend literacy classes; combat country's 44% illiteracy rate

12.4.2012 -
Could selling a used book become illegal?

12.3.2012 -
BBC: Downward mobility haunts US education

12.3.2012 -
Smart Cities: Houston, we've got an opportunity here

11.30.2012 -
Letter from Jamaica: Train all teachers in literacy instruction

11.29.2012 -
View from Kenya: Financial literacy enriches a society

11.29.2012 -
View from Pakistan: Low literacy major hurdle for women to exercise their legal rights

11.24.2012 -
National Family Literacy Month: Literacy tips for parents

11.23.2012 -
Giving back for literacy and a better world

11.20.2012 -
Financial literacy and college persistence

11.20.2012 -
Afghanistan's journey to literacy

11.20.2012 -
Houston chalk street art draws creative attention

11.19.2012 -
Teaching reading behind bars

11.19.2012 -
E-books advance literacy in Africa

11.19.2012 -
New curriculum resources support student learning in Houston ISD schools

11.16.2012 -
NBCLatino: Literacy skills start with your baby

11.16.2012 -
Gender influences mental health literacy

11.15.2012 -
Literacy Advance mourns the passing of former Board member and supporter Bill Linden

11.14.2012 -
Afghan women learn literacy through mobile phones

11.13.2012 -
Literacy instruction expected to cross disciplines

11.13.2012 -
Code Literacy: A 21st-century requirement?

11.8.2012 -
National Family Literacy Month: Time to bring back reading as a family

11.5.2012 -
Podcast: Literacy, volunteers and Houston's future

10.29.2012 -
7th annual Reader Cup golf event slated for Monday, February 25, 2013 at BlackHorse Golf Club

10.29.2012 -
796 million people worldwide lack basic literacy skills

10.26.2012 -
Houston's District B challenge: low grad rates

10.18.2012 -
Report: Books change how a child's brain grows

10.5.2012 -
Professional Holiday Photo Shoot announced - $75 fee waived once again

10.2.2012 -
New from Brookings Institution: Can academic standards boost literacy and close achievement gap?

09.25.2012 -
Third Grade Redux: Does holding struggling readers back build literacy?

09.21.2012 -
With literacy and justice for all?

09.15.2012 -
CultureMap Houston: 'Scrabble gone wild'

09.14.2012 -
Press Release: S-U-C-C-E-S-S for sold-out Scrabble and the City event

09.13.2012 -
Scrabble and the City listed as a 'don't miss' event on CultureMap Houston

09.9.2012 -
For International Literacy Day, UN flags key role of reading and writing in global peace

09.8.2012 -
World Literacy Day: Giving all kids a chance

09.6.2012 -
Why family literacy matters: Impact on America's next generation

09.5.2012 -
World Literacy Day 2012: Literacy supports peace, development

09.4.2012 -
View from Houston: We must invest in pre-K

08.31.2012 -
US high schoolers get another F in financial literacy, new study shows

08.30.2012 -
View from Houston: Success in school depends to large degree on parents

08.29.2012 -
Houston economy faces steep shortfall in educated workers

08.26.2012 -
TED Radio Hour: Building a better classroom

08.24.2012 -
Opinion: America is starving its future

08.20.2012 -
Plenty of jobs, but lack of skills

08.16.2012 -
Press Release: Fleming's confirmed as caterer for Scrabble and the City 2012

08.14.2012 -
Literacy Advance one of just 3 literacy agencies profiled in national Giving Library project

08.4.2012 -
Estimated 77 million US adults have trouble understanding basic health info

08.2.2012 -
Segregation by income in Houston is among the starkest in US

08.1.2012 -
Financial Literacy Snapshot: How the poor, the middle class and the rich spend their money

07.27.2012 -
Opinion: Restart economy by stopping illiteracy

07.24.2012 -
Opinion: Crucial to integrate STEM and literacy

07.19.2012 -
Press Release: Expanding Literacy Services in Houston

07.19.2012 -
Teaching your kids financial literacy

07.17.2012 -
Health Literacy: Disagreeing with your doctor is harder than it seems

07.10.2012 -
For manufacturing jobs, US workers brush up on math

07.5.2012 -
World View: UK's Guardian tells how schools can combat the summer literacy dip

07.5.2012 -
The challenge of filling out social service forms, without digital literacy

06.22.2012 -
Literacy Advance student named Literacy Texas Adult Learner of the Year

06.17.2012 -
World View: Literacy can be first step out of despair

06.16.2012 -
World View: Keeping kids literate without books

06.7.2012 -
Houston charities rank No. 1 in national study of financial accountability

05.21.2012 -
Literacy Advance of Houston prepares for Scrabble and the City event

05.21.2012 -
Study shows Congress speaks at literacy level of high school sophomores

05.15.2012 -
Reading in American schools: Will Common Core State Standards improve literacy?

05.14.2012 -
Financial knowledge can be economic destiny

05.3.2012 -
Literacy Advance awarded 'Winner of Distinction' by Better Business Bureau

05.2.2012 -
Keeping informed about the dropout crisis

04.25.2012 -
Literacy Advance to benefit from first annual Office Olympics

04.22.2012 -
On a $1.9 million night, Barbara Bush hands over the reins to Celebration of Reading

04.9.2012 -
Scrabble and the City preparations in full swing

04.7.2012 -
Why does Houston, land of millionaires, have so many kids in poverty? City criticized for contrast

03.30.2012 -
Texas needs skilled workers to drive growth

03.8.2012 -
Year-End Fundraising Appeal success launches Literacy Advance into 2012 with great celebration

02.28.2012 -
Literacy Advance scores a hole in one with Reader Cup

02.24.2012 -
Reader Cup - Larry and guests tee off Monday, February 27

02.20.2012 -
What is literacy? (And why is it so important?)

02.17.2012 -
Dierker hits the books - and the links - for a worthy cause

02.10.2012 -
Exclusive - Larry Dierker golf shirts available for a limited time

02.9.2012 -
Education gap grows between rich and poor, studies say

02.3.2012 -
Former Astros manager Larry Dierker grew to love reading

01.31.2012 -
"Opening Opportunities" - Literacy Advance on Groupon Jan 31 - Feb 2

01.25.2012 -
Washington, D.C. ranked the most literate city in the U.S... Houston #60

01.19.2012 -
Scion will open door for literacy at Houston Auto Show

01.9.2012 -
Volunteer tutor Larry Dierker talks Astros to 1560

12.16.2011 -
Larry Dierker to swing a putter on February 27, 2012, to benefit Literacy Advance

12.15.2011 -
New Literacy Advance video now available on website

11.28.2011 -
Literacy is the key to unlocking children's potential

11.15.2011 -
Professional Holiday Photo Shoot announced: $75 fee waived, donations instead to Literacy Advance

11.2.2011 -
Literacy Advance turns a page; names Melanie Fisk new Executive Director

10.17.2011 -
Game Changers for Literacy

10.3.2011 -
A Houston community unites for literacy

09.20.2011 -
Literacy Advance honors Comcast and John Bourke as "Champions of Literacy"

08.25.2011 -
Literacy Advance volunteer wins Halliburton Hometown Hero Award

07.28.2011 -
Spellbound at Scrabble and the City!

07.11.2011 -
Scrabble and the City Promotes Literacy Advance

01.7.2011 -
5th Annual Larry Dierker “My Team” Celebrity Golf Tournament

12.31.2010 -
Lester Benton, Literacy Advance learner, speaks at The Celebration of Reading in The Houston Chronicle

10.20.2010 -
Literacy Advance awarded re-accreditation through ProLiteracy

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