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March e-News

You're breaking the cycle

Dear friends,

Too often, families get into cycles that hold them back for generations. If a mother or father didn't get the educational care they needed as a child - for a learning difference, for example, or simply because the family moved around a lot and continuity of learning was impossible - the effects of that can still be echoing in their children, and sometimes even their children.

But you help break those cycles. When you volunteer to lead a reading class, or support a Family Literacy event, or donate to make more classes happen, adult students are empowered with the skills and the confidence to break those cycles once and for all.

That's what you've done for Bianica. She was ready to make a change and determined NOT to repeat the cycle for her children and grandson - and because of you, she found exactly the opportunities she needed.

You provide new opportunities for families every day. With your help, more families will enter a new cycle - of success.

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Thank you for helping Bianica break the cycle for herself and her family. Your kindness changes lives every day.  


melanie fisk

Melanie Fisk
Executive Director
Literacy Advance of Houston

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