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LATEST E-News: January 2018

Thank you for your generous hearts.

Dear friends,

Your kindness and compassion have never failed us. And they were there in plentiful supply again in 2017.

We cannot say thank you enough.

You volunteered. 
You donated. 
You sought out matching gifts. 
You gave encouragement. 
You stepped up for your Houston neighbors when their worlds were crashing down.
And most importantly - you cared about the students and their families, and gave them your best, always.

Thank you! 2017's successes were because of YOU. Your generous hearts make our hearts smile :)

Literacy Advance January updates:

Find ALL the news for January online here.

A new year stretches before us, full of possibility. And we know you'll be there beside us, come what may. 


melanie fisk

Melanie Fisk, MSW, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Literacy Advance of Houston


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