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LATEST E-News: January 2019

Dear friends,

Classes start back in just a few short days! And even though it's always good to have some down time - we miss you all. We miss the students, we miss our volunteers, and we miss the laughter and conversation that shows that classes are in session and that LEARNING is happening.

We're focused on our spring semester - but we're not quite done celebrating 2018 yet! Your 2018 WINS for Literacy can be found here, and we hope they make you proud. 

In other news for January:

Click here to see ALL the news for January.

There's excitement and energy at MAM Literacy Advance as we start 2019. We're looking forward to seeing you back with us over the coming weeks and we know that together, this year is going to be the best yet!

Thank you for your commitment to literacy and to the well-being of your Houston neighbors. Your kindness is everything.

Kathryn Bauchelle

MAM Literacy Advance


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