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LATEST E-News: October 2017

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Dear friends,

We've made 600 calls and counting since we got back to the office after Harvey. We've been checking in on students, volunteers, and other friends and supporters. We've heard from the majority of people, but there are still some we haven't been able to contact. We're continuing to check in on people and to offer help to our students.

Classes started back on September 11, and things were quiet at first, as people made their way back to class. It's really just been in the last week that we're getting closer to normal - our new normal. Some students and volunteers have been displaced, maybe permanently - certainly for the foreseeable future. Many are still working on damaged homes, trying to get help replacing lost cars, and more. And of course many people are stressed and tired.

So, it's been heartening to see so many students and tutors back in class. We know that being together is a stress relief, and that continuing to learn is crucial as students work on replacing lost jobs, helping kids catch up after a late school start, completing stacks of paperwork and online forms, and myriad other demands.

And we continue to need your support more than ever.

It's critical that students can access transition help, get referrals to vital services, and rely on friendly volunteers to help them navigate websites, paperwork, and other processes so necessary to get them back on their feet after Harvey’s devastation.

Please consider making a gift - and thank you for being a friend to our students when they need you most.

In October news:

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You're part of the recovery. Your choice to provide hope and a future for others is making all the difference for families across our city.


melanie fisk

Melanie Fisk, MSW, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Literacy Advance of Houston


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