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A new chapter

We're opening a new chapter:

Literacy Advance has joined forces with Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM) and the two agencies will now operate as one entity. Our work together will be known as "Literacy Advance, a MAM program".

MAM Literacy Advance

We know you have questions about this new chapter! Click on any of the questions below to find answers.

Will Literacy Advance classes stop?

No! Literacy Advance classes will continue exactly as planned. Throughout the time of transition, we aim to minimize any disruption to our students. And as we work to integrate our programs over the coming months, there will be more opportunities for students, through MAM's extensive service menu.


Can I still volunteer at Literacy Advance?

Yes, we very much hope you will! MAM places a high value on the relationship between a client and the volunteer tutor. We all know that the community formed in your classroom, and the hospitality shown by volunteers, can make the transition to life in the U.S. infinitely better.

We all want you to continue to volunteer with us! We want you to benefit from this transition as well, and MAM wants to get to know you and to learn what is important to you in your work with the students. And - we still need you as much as ever! There are no planned changes to Literacy Advance classes - see question above - so we're relying on our volunteers just as much as we were before.


Will Literacy Advance move to the MAM location on Blalock?

No. Literacy Advance will keep its own location and operate classes as usual.


Why did you decide to do this?

Both Literacy Advance and MAM see immense value in this partnership. Together, we can better meet the demand for programs and bring a broader range of services to more families. This deeper service experience will help families move to a higher level of stability through access to an increased range of services.

Additionally, both organizations' missions stem from the same values:

  • We both have great respect for all people, no matter where they are in their life story.
  • We both recognize that our clients are whole and capable, and will make use of the supports we can offer when they are ready.
  • We both believe in life-long learning and self-improvement.
  • We both believe in neighbors helping neighbors, and the importance of helping newcomers to Houston feel at home and become part of their community.
  • We both believe in the importance of volunteerism and see the transformative value of volunteers working alongside clients.


MAM is faith-based. Will that affect Literacy Advance's services?

No. MAM is committed to providing social services, including Adult Education, with dignity and respect to all, regardless of faith affiliation.


Can I still donate to Literacy Advance?

Yes. MAM honors your support of Literacy Advance services. They know how much local supporters can do with their gifts and together, we take our role as stewards of these gifts very seriously. MAM is noted for its transparency and its careful allocation of all gifted funds.

MAM puts your money where you intend it to go – where it benefits families the most. This is a new chapter, and we hope that you will:

  1. Stay in touch for updates via newsletters and other communications channels;
  2. Get to know MAM by visiting their website or calling to arrange a tour;
  3. Attend some MAM events over the course of the next year;
  4. Continue to support Literacy Advance and MAM with your financial gifts.


Doesn't MAM already have ESL classes? Is this just the same thing in different places?

MAM does have ESL classes, but also recognizes the specialized approach to adult literacy that has been possible at Literacy Advance through a focus on the adult literacy field. For the time being, MAM ESL classes will continue in parallel to the Literacy Advance program, and we will take time to learn from each other before working on future program integration.


We know you probably have other questions and we invite you to learn more!

You can:

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your ongoing support! We're thankful to have you by our sides as we turn the page and write our next chapter - together.

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