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Outreach in 2018

Doing the same thing, but differently

Over the last year or so, we've seen more and more that most of our adult students fall into one of two groups - and frequently, they fall into both.

Those groups? Parents, who are learning English and improving their skills so that they can invest in the future of their kids, and workers, who want to move up the skills ladder and get into sustainable employment.

For some years, we worked hard through our Outreach partnerships to help both groups in places where they already had connections - schools, community centers, libraries, and other sites across Houston. And we started offering Transition services, so that both groups could learn more about their employment options, where to get the specific help they need, and logical next steps for their learning.

We're now finding that Transition services are in such high demand that we need to expand our activities. And, we're finding that we can help more people, more efficiently, if we're not juggling the demands of multiple Outreach sites (sometimes more than 20 at a time!), multiple partnerships, and many varied class schedules.

So, in 2018, we're doing the same thing we've always done - but we're doing it differently. We're focusing all our attention on our three sites: Main campus Wilcrest, and satellite sites Bay Area and Waller County. All classes will take place at those sites, so we aren't doing our Outreach classes the way we've done them for a while. And Family Literacy events will take place only at those sites, too.

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Transition Services Team
Diana Delgado Jessica Orozco

Our focus on parents and workers  continues. In fact, it's expanding! We're planning specialized classes across our three sites just for these groups, to give them very focused and practical help in these crucial areas. And Transition services has doubled in size! The wonderful Diana Delgado continues as our Transition Coach, and she's joined by Jessica Orozco, who excelled as Outreach Program Coordinator and now brings her skills to her new role as Transition Services Coordinator.

We're excited about these changes, and we hope you will be too! But we know that with change sometimes come questions, and maybe a bit of uncertainty. So please get in touch if you have questions or want to find out more. Email us at, or call 713.266.8777 and ask for Kathryn Bauchelle, our Vice-President of Programs & Partnerships. 

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