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5 WINSWINS for Literacy

2018: What a year it was! We celebrated so many remarkable milestones, and so much learning and community-building.

Some of the special highlights are below -  just some of the WINS for literacy that you made possible in 2018.

Win #5: New pathways to literacy

2018 was our first full year with a semester-based schedule, and it made such a difference! The greater predictability made everything easier, from class set-up to volunteer matching to planning classroom use. By the end of the year, some students were able to leave registration with their class schedule already in hand - SUCH a step forward when you consider the weeks or even months they used to have to wait.

We still have a waitlist, but the more efficient process means that more people can start learning, more quickly - which does wonders for motivation and results.

Along with these updates came new graduation ceremonies, and first steps toward even more specialized class content. Over 2019, we'll consolidate our move to learning pathways, and our adult students will be able to accelerate their progress on the Employment Pathway or on the Parent & Caregiver Pathway (or the one that's a mix of both). We can't wait!

student graduationThe first student graduation ceremony of 2018 took place in April.


Win #4: Around the World Turns 10

Yes, Around the World is a party - but it's so much more. This annual gathering of students, volunteers, Board members, staff, supporters, and friends of literacy has taken on a life of its own, and represents the heart and soul of MAM Literacy Advance.

The event celebrates community, friendship, and welcome for our students, often newcomers to the United States. At a time when many of our students tell us that they feel anxious and unsure of their welcome in the U.S., that's a WIN that means a whole lot.


Win #3: Persistence gets things done!

MAM Literacy Advance's classes are built around Adult Learner Persistence principles. We're very intentional about creating programs that help students stay in class, move steadily toward their goals, and achieve permanent stability and self-sufficiency.

And in 2018, we saw some special evidence of that. In just two examples, student Calvin marked 5 years of class attendance - without EVER missing a lesson, resulting in steady progress in both learning and confidence. And community partner GOYA rewarded students with excellent attendance - by generously donating their stupendous gift baskets!

calvin winner

Win #2: Volunteers continue to change the world

Since our founding in 1964, Literacy Advance has depended on the incredible community volunteers who sit alongside their neighbors and help them learn, aspire, and succeed. There is always so much to celebrate because of our volunteers!

In 2018, three volunteers marked special milestones:

Ahmed Hammad was our FIFTH honoree (in 6 years!) in the annual Houston Texans Community Quarterback Awards for United Way volunteers;

Tiffany Schreiber was one of three local volunteers recognized in the inaugural Westchase Community Impact Awards;

Roslyn Metchis reached a fabulous twenty years as a Literacy Advance volunteer (with no sign of slowing down)!

Ahmed Hammad Tiffany Schreiber Roslyn Metchis


Win #1: A bright new future with MAM

It's a new day! Our newly minted status as a program of Memorial Assistance Ministries is already opening so many doors. MAM Literacy Advance students now have access to an unrivalled service menu, including financial education, payday lending alternatives, employment services, case management, mental health counseling, and emergency assistance (rent, utilities, healthcare, clothing, food, and more).

As classes start up for 2019 at the Wilcrest campus, there's new energy and excitement in the air. There are so many possibilities! 

MAM Literacy Advance logo

Together, we're building a better Houston. Thank you for being part of another amazing year!

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