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Literacy Facts

Literacy Advance

• Literacy Advance of Houston serves more than 3,000 students and families each year through literacy tutoring, community classes, and family literacy events.

• Literacy Advance partners with libraries, community centers, other nonprofits, and schools to deliver services in 25+ locations across the greater Houston area.

• More than 300 potential Literacy Advance students remain on our waitlist each month.


• Houston ranks 60th out of the 75 least literate cities in the United States for the fourth year in a row, with 75th being the least literate. (Central Connecticut State University)

• Almost 1 million adults in the greater Houston area are in need of adult education services. (Texas Workforce Commission)

• If each adult in greater Houston needing literacy services were to get their own seat at Reliant Stadium, we would need 14 Reliant Stadiums to hold all of them.

• 1 out of every 4 adults in Houston doesn’t have a high school diploma. (US Census)


• Nearly 4 million adults in Texas need the services of an adult education program and only 4% are currently being served. By 2040, the need is projected to increase to 8 million adults. (Texas Workforce Investment Council)

• The state of Texas ranks in last place, 50th in the U.S., for its proportion of adult residents with a high school education. (Brookings Institution)

United States

• The effects of low literacy cost the U.S. more than $225 billion each year in non-productivity in the workforce and loss of tax revenue due to unemployment. (ProLiteracy)

• Of adults at the lowest literacy level, 43% live in poverty, compared to only 5% or less of those with strong literacy skills living in poverty. (National Institute for Literacy)

• Two-thirds of U.S. job openings created from 2008 to 2018 will require post-secondary education. (Center of Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University)

• A mother's reading skill is the greatest determinant of her children’s future academic success. (National Institute of Health)

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