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Improved literacy makes a difference

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Low literacy underpins many of the problems we face in society. From incarceration rates to under-employment and unemployment; from high school drop-out numbers to early pregnancy and drug use, low literacy is a factor in many social ills.

However, the solution is right there in front of us!

  • A 1% increase in high school graduation rates across the US would save approximately $1.4 billion in costs associated with incarceration. (ProLiteracy)
  • A rise of 1% in literacy scores leads to a 2.5% rise in labor productivity and a 1.5% rise in GDP. (The Economist)
  • As the education levels of adults improve, so does their children's success in school. Helping low-literate parents improve their basic skills has a direct and measurable impact on both the education and quality of life of their children. (National Institute for Literacy)
  • Improving health literacy would save between $106 billion and $238 billion dollars per year in the US. (ProLiteracy)

Literacy Advance's free classes for adults in the Houston community have a direct impact on their lives, but also impact on society in general. Our volunteer tutors fulfill our mission: Transforming lives and communities through the doorway of literacy.

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