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Study at Home - ESL Students

Here are some websites we recommend:

Duolingo - Learn other languages for free! There's an app for your phone and lots of fun ways to practice.

English Central - Watch videos to help you learn vocabulary, and practice pronunciation.

Business English Pod - Learn Business English online (this course is on iTunes, but the courses are free).

Open Learning Initiative's American English Speech - All courses are free. You can create an account to save your work, or use the site without an account (though your work will not be saved).

EngVid - Free English video lessons. These videos of real classes will help you learn idioms, practice vocabulary, and learn conversation skills.

Speaking Your Best - Practice pronunciation and listen to how the American accent sounds using these free videos.

A4ESL - Activities for ESL students, including grammar, vocabulary and puzzles.

Pumarosa - For Spanish speakers who want to learn English basics. - Literacy, technology and math skills, all for FREE! There are more than 750 lessons, and you can learn at your own pace.

Many Things - Games and activities for ESL students. You can choose from vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, pronunciation, listening exercises, and much much more!

ESL Cafe
- Learn about idioms, slang, and more!

Focus English - Develop conversational English skills. Listen to native speakers talk about various topics; learn useful idioms; learn common words and phrases; test your vocabulary skills in everyday English; and practice responding, in English, to real-life conversations.

ESL Partyland - Use the learning pages to get topic-based English language practice. Topics include: dating and relationships; food; internet; media; movies; music; and travel.

ESL Gold - Practice speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more!

ESL Listening Lab - Listen to everyday conversations with adult and children's voices. Listening quizzes are divided into 'Easy', 'Medium' and 'Difficult'.

Pronunciation Help - Learn more about the sounds of American English.

Step Forward - You can access the FULL program in our computer lab.

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