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Events & Training for
Literacy Advance Volunteers


What's going on for Literacy Advance volunteers?

Please join us at one of these events or training sessions!

Remember, if you have ideas or requests for Volunteer Socials or for Tutor Workshops or Roundtables, please get in touch.


Facebook support group

Especially for you!

volunteer supportIf only there was an easy way to talk to other tutors about questions, ideas for using materials or introducing a new topic, or some other issue...

Well, there is one! There's a Literacy Advance Tutor Support Group on Facebook. It was created with Literacy Advance tutors especially in mind, and you can share ideas, answer other tutors' questions, get access to others' favorite resources and tutoring methods (along with sharing your own!), and much more.

First time you visit, you'll need to ask to join; after that you can come and go as you like and (depending on your Facebook settings) the group's posts will show up in your newsfeed.

Please take a moment to explore the page - there's a search box, so you can see if someone's already asked the very thing you're wondering about, and a place for files to be stored (which means lesson plan sharing just got easier; yippee!). Both of these can be found in the menu on the left.

Anyone can ask a question or start a discussion, and we encourage you to do that! We want this to be a supportive community space, and you're a big part of helping it be successful.

Questions about the Facebook support group? Get in touch: or 713.266.8777


Tutor Enrichment Workshops & Volunteer Training

enrichmentLiteracy Advance offers a regular schedule of Enrichment Workshops, designed to help volunteer tutors continue to improve their understanding of adult literacy, tutoring techniques, and much more. Enrichment Workshops are open to all Literacy Advance volunteer tutors and you are encouraged to attend as often as you can!

If you see a topic you're interested in, but can't manage the day or time, please get in touch - if there's enough interest we'll do our best to arrange for a repeat session.


Tutor Enrichment Workshop:

Linking YOU to the World @ Houston Public Library

Libraries provide SO MANY classes and programs to adults in Houston! At this workshop, we'll talk about how to find educational services you can use for lesson planing, and about information you can share with your students to help them succeed. All ABE and ESL tutors are welcome!

When? Monday, November 26
What time?  12 pm - 1 pm
Where? Wilcrest Computer Lab

It REALLY helps us plan to kow who's coming, so sign up on the Wilcrest Resource Room door or get in touch with Courtney to RSVP:


If you have an enrichment topic you'd like to request, please talk to Courtney: 713.266.8777, or drop her a line.



roundtableIn addition to Enrichment Workshops, we like to gather tutors together for roundtables, where volunteer tutors can share what works for them, ask questions, and get guidance and ideas from one another.

Spend some time with your fellow volunteers, and learn something new!


Dates for Roundtables in 2019 will be posted soon!


If you have a topic you'd like to request, please talk to Courtney: 713.266.8777, or drop her a line.



volunteer socialGet together with fellow volunteers and relax, celebrate, and enjoy each other's company!

We try to make social events low-cost or free.

We promise we won't ONLY talk about volunteering...


New dates coming soon!


If you have a fun idea for something to do with your fellow volunteers, please talk to Courtney: 713.266.8777, or drop her a line.

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