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Student Success Spotlight

We have a special student success story for April, which is Volunteer Appreciation Month. Student Tom wrote this letter to his tutor, Ahmed, completely unsolicited. We asked him if we could share it with you, and he graciously said that we could. 
Volunteers, see how you change lives!

To my dear tutor at Literacy Advance:

If I had not had you as my tutor in 2017, my career would be incredibly different. I am not saying it would be bad - but you improved my speaking, reading and writing. What I can, which I never thought possible, is speak with potential employers confidently and fluently in English. You took me as a beginner in the language and helped talking with my boss without any hesitation.

Student Tom, left, practices job interview skills with volunteer tutor Ahmed, right, in 2017.

It is important to me that all of you know how important you really are. I diligently tried to find help with my English. You and the Literacy Advance of Houston team have taken part in helping me in progressing. What does one say when thank you can’t express the way truly feel?

Before going to bed I read an article as you advised. I am not sure if anyone has ever told you the impact you have made in my life, and how much you are truly appreciated for all you do. I want to take this opportunity to share with you my accomplishments starting this program.

I am so happy because Literacy Advance is a nice place to learn my second language. Everyone is very nice and kind-hearted. Although I was trying to keep my place there, I know there are a lot of people waiting for a chance to take a class since room limited. Now I practice English at home by watching TV and DVD while cooking or exercising.

Finally, I want to say thank you to Literacy Advance and especially to my tutor, Ahmed, for his valuable time and patience, and everything he does for the other students and me. There are still a lot of people that need help to learn English and I hope they will be as lucky as I am.

Sincerely yours,



In 2017, 257 Literacy Advance volunteer tutors gave 18,801 hours to their classes. That time is valued at a whopping $453,856 by the Independent Sector! Every dollar you give to Literacy Advance is magnified by the generous gift of time by our hundreds of volunteers.

Please give today - and know that the value of your donation will be increased by a wonderful volunteer's time and expertise. THANK YOU!

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