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Volunteer Spotlight

Tiffany Schreiber

In something slightly different, our July spotlight features a nomination we recently submitted to Literacy Texas, for their annual Volunteer of the Year awards. The winners have yet to be announced, but we wanted to share this great volunteer's story with you regardless!

Please describe the service of the volunteer, including their impact on learners and the organization.

Tiffany Schreiber exemplifies what it means to transform lives and communities through the doorway of literacy. Her commitment to Literacy Advance’s mission, programs, and students have positioned her as a standout volunteer since she began giving her time and talents to the agency in 2011. In the seven years she’s been involved, she’s spent more than 500 hours with classes and events, eager to assist wherever she can.

Her dedication has had a noticeable impact on adult learners. Her first paul and tiffanyefforts with Literacy Advance involved leading an Adult Basic Education student through one-on-one reading instruction at an offsite outreach location, ultimately helping the learner gain the skills and confidence to secure a new job and express greater confidence in his reading abilities. Of course, this milestone took time: Tiffany spent three hours each week for more than 30 weeks with the learner to help him achieve his goals.

And then, she came back for more! From 2013 – 2017, Tiffany tutored in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program, engaging with groups of students in back-to-back 12- and 16- week classes at all proficiency levels.

Regardless of the students’ abilities, the feedback was always the same: Tiffany is one of the best. Her classrooms are consistently student-centered and aim to reach all participants through a variety of learning styles. She engages with students to develop their language through music, reading, public speaking, and team games.

Staff recognize that she creates a safe space for students to work together, which makes them less afraid of making mistakes and more willing to try new things and new language. Her efforts have had powerful results, as her students consistently maintained high attendance, demonstrated progress between pre- and post- assessments, and report high rates of satisfaction with their experience.

While all of this growth was taking place in the classroom, Tiffany was actively involved in other agency events, including the Scrabble in the City fundraiser. Her upbeat, energetic personality and contagious smile were a perfect fit, and we weren’t the only ones to recognize it...

In 2017, Tiffany took a short break from her involvement with programs and events to plan an event of her own: a wedding to Michael, another Literacy Advance tutor! Despite all of the exciting changes Tiffany is experiencing, she has maintained a commitment to the agency and students by volunteering her time at the front desk, and training to lead New Student Registration sessions.

Read more about Tiffany in these fun Facebook posts!

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March 2017: Tiffany and Michael share their beautiful engagement photos with us!

Thank you for being amazing, Tiffany!


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