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Volunteer Spotlight

ginaGina Wyszynski

If you’ve been to the Wilcrest office or called us on a Monday afternoon, chances are, Gina Wyszynski helped you!

Gina started volunteering at the front desk just after she retired from her executive assistant role in early 2015, and she’s never stopped bringing a high level of professionalism and friendliness to Literacy Advance. She even helps us train new volunteers, interns, and staff.

One of the best gifts Gina gives us is her kindness and joy. Whether your interaction is quick, like signing in and hurrying to class; or more leisurely, you can tell Gina is happy to be here and happy to help.gina texans

Frankly, we’re not sure how she squeezes time in to be here every week. She’s always on the go, traveling with her husband, satisfying a foodie-fix with friends, and cheering on our beloved Texans.

We suspect spreading her love of reading has something to do with it: Gina is a voracious reader. She consumes everything from Ken Follett’s historical novels, to anything involving Harry Potter.

We know Gina could do anything else with her time. We are grateful to her and all our volunteers for choosing to support Literacy Advance so joyfully and generously!

What brought you to Literacy Advance?

Many years ago I was involved in a program called World Book Night, distributing books to organizations and people with the idea of promoting the love of reading. One of the places I distributed books was to Literacy Advance. I made a promise to myself that when I retired, I would volunteer my time there. I wanted to be in an environment where adults learned to read.

gina bookstoreWhat do you enjoy most about volunteering?

I love meeting the students. The eagerness in their faces and seeing their eyes light up with positive attitudes brings a huge smile to my face that can brighten any day.

What inspires you?

I think it’s courageous for these students to step out of their comfort zone by learning how to read or learning a new language. That action inspires me to take chances to improve my life. What the students might not realize is that they are teaching me too when they show enthusiasm for something new. I think of these students every time I want to challenge myself.

What would you say to other people gina texas bookfestthinking about volunteering?

I would say... do it! I’ve learned it is a rewarding experience.

What’s your favorite hobby or talent?

I enjoy gardening, scrapbooking, and of course, ending the day with a bit of reading. Well, maybe not “a bit” - more like “a lot of reading.”

Thank you, Gina!


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